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Kenai Lake in Alaska
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Sea kayaking is a satisfying, peaceful activity that can take you to places in your dreams. Kenai Lake is the headwater for the renowned Kenai River and its prolific salmon runs. The surrounding Kenai Mountains tower above this glacially carved valley on all sides. Mountain Goat and Dall Sheep are frequently seen on the high cliffs. Eagles await lunch, as they sit silent and watchful in trees along the shore. The panorama of this dramatic country will be your experience as you sit atop this aquamarine lake in your sea kayak.

We will provide instructions on sea kayaking for your safe and enjoyable adventure on Kenai Lake. We use stable double kayaks with built in rudders, making them easy to maneuver and paddle in all conditions.

Our 3-hour excursion along this jewel of the Kenai Peninsula explores the shoreline and the Alaskan salmon habitat. Your guide will provide an informative narration about the flora, fauna, and the fascinating geological features. Our relaxed paddle will beach along the shore for a refreshing snack and drink.

We also offer a paddle/saddle. Combine your kayaking experience with a horseback ride into the back country. Please see for more information.


Contact us with any questions you may have and we look forward to seeing you!